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Tim Lincoln is a Houston artist, landscape designer and resident since 1973. His current art medium consist mostly of oils, collage and mixed media. In the last 15 years his style has shifted from realism to neo-synthetic cubism. He admired all the great artist of the the early 20th century. Neo-Synthetic cubism has evolved in his life and work. Natural geometrics in landscape design  has influenced his art. Tim has designed many notable gardens in metropolitan Houston area.

Cubabstract is located in Houston Texas. Our aim is to contribute, initiate, develop and inspire viewers about the visual arts.


10.00 am to 6.00 pm Tuesday-Sunday
Closed on Mondays

Please call or text (713)-501-9082 for a viewing.

All my art is an expression of my thoughts and experiences throughout my life. Sharing them is my biggest joy.

Tim Lincoln

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