"Hilga Goes To A Piano Bar” 16" x 20" oil, sand, collage mixed materials

“Hilga Goes To A Piano Bar”

This is a continuation of a previous Hilga painting. Hilga was a German nun who was banned from the convent after the discovery of an opium pipe and a substantial amount of illicit substances underneath her bed cot. Bitter and resentful about her current life’s trajectory, she carries on in a most undignified way. Going to the many seedy underworld establishments at night, while trying to portray a decent German matron has taken a toll. Although the Weimar republic is full of diversions, Hilga is never satisfied.

"Henry" 11" x 14" oil on canvas


"The Big Thicket"

“The Big Thicket”

I had a friend who had a cabin in East Texas in the “Big Thicket”. Every time I would visit this obnoxious rooster would dart through the woods and attack me. I was starting to develop a complex. I thought maybe I was emitting some kind of virulent pheromone making the rooster aggressive. I asked my friend what I was doing wrong? He laughed and told me “Henry does that to everyone. In fact he named him after his obstreperous father in law, Henry.

It all made sense.

"Antique Roses" 16" x 20" framed oil and collage on plywood
Urban Eats 3414 Washington Ave. Houston TX 77007 832.834.4417 www.feasturabeats.com

Showing At Urban Eats

My art is currently on display at Urban Eats.
The genre is neo-cubism and some pop art
A reception will be held on December 12th 2020 from 3-5 pm.
Please come and enjoy the food, drink and meet the artist.

Tim Lincoln

Urban Eats
3414 Washington Ave.
Houston Texas 77007


Showing through December 31,2020

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